Caroline McCarthy

Caroline McCarthy

I write adventurously.

Tech + outdoors writer, plus content consultant working with top clients and publications. Lives in Brooklyn with a blue cat.

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ABC News reaching out to Facebook users? Good luck, guys

The news outlet, according to a New York Times article, has reached a deal with Facebook to partner on political...

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Google aims for cute with Super Bowl ad

The video ad, called 'Parisian Love,' had been on YouTube since November. But that didn't stop Super Bowl viewers from...

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In defense of Twitter - CNET News

May 30, 2007 ... No, but that doesn't have to be a bad thing.Images: Two takes on Twitter A CNET...


Twitter investor: 'We didn't need the money'

Although the company hasn't put a long-term revenue strategy in place, one of its backers says Twitter didn't raise $100...


New York Tech Meetup riffs on the state of the local industry

In celebration of Internet Week New York, the monthly geek gathering focuses on some of the city's biggest start-up successes....

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Study: Fifth of Facebook users exposed to malware

The social network has been a target of viruses for years now, and one security software company has found that...

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Report sees 'Hate 2.0' on the rise

A Jewish human rights group says the presence of terror and hate on the Web is steeply rising, thanks, in...

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Facebook's next big media move: Comments

Multiple sources have told CNET that the massive social network is on the cusp of releasing a product that would...


Yes, new FTC guidelines extend to Facebook fan pages

If a celebrity is paid to 'fan' a brand on Facebook, that's a violation of revised Federal Trade Commission rules...

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Mark Zuckerberg's grand missive: The translation

The Facebook CEO wrote a long explanation of some recent modifications to the site. But what is he really saying?...

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A Path the world isn't meant to see | The Social - CNET News

Buoyed by marquee founders and investors yet dealing with the tech industry's highest of expectations, photo-sharing service has launched. The outlook? Unclear. Read this article by Caroline McCarthy on CNET News.

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There's no such thing as 'social media revolution' | The Social ...

Or to put it another way: If activists using Twitter go on to topple a government, the real story should be that the government got toppled, not that the revolution was tweeted. Read this article by Caroline McCarthy on CNET News.

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The vintage allure of Fake Steve Jobs | The Social - CNET News

Forget trying to figure out who he is. The important thing is that he's anonymous in a time when none of us thought you could be anonymous anymore. Read this article by Caroline McCarthy on CNET News.

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Understanding Facebook's privacy aftershocks | The Social - CNET ...

The weeks following the social network's most audacious changes to its privacy policy yet have been characterized by one minor freak-out after another. Read this article by Caroline McCarthy on CNET News.

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When Twitter met food trucks | The Social - CNET News

Cities like New York and LA are witness to a rise in the number and quality of roving trucks offering victuals from tacos to waffles--and sounding off via Twitter. Read this article by Caroline McCarthy on CNET News.