Caroline McCarthy

Caroline McCarthy

I write adventurously.

Tech + outdoors writer, plus content consultant working with top clients and publications. Lives in Brooklyn with a blue cat.

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Princeton Alumni Weekly

The quantified life: In this brave new world, people listen to their forks

There’s a lot of curiosity about the wave of gadgets that take the hyper-awareness of our own surroundings — made possible by global-positioning systems and an always-on mobile-data connection — and extend the potential for that awareness to the human body.

Princeton Alumni Weekly

Princeton Alumni Weekly - Princeton University

Jan 16, 2013 ... Kate Neal GS. Theo Popov '11. Caroline Shaw GS. Matt Wong '10 ..... John McCarthy '88....

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Princeton Alumni Weekly

Princeton Alumni Weekly: Memorials

Current Issue. Oct. 24, 2012. Vol. 113, No. 3. Alumni Scene · A ......